Serving the Senior Market since 1981


seniors-playing-golfShort term insurance is the perfect solution for early retirees and those needing a COBRA alternative. Policies can be from one month to three years and are a lower cost alternative to fill the gaps between employment and Medicare.

Permanent Individual insurance is best designed for long term use, over six months. Deductibles range from $500 to $10,000 a year. Lower deductibles are more expensive per month, while higher deductibles generally allow for a cheaper premium.

Guaranteed Issue insurance guarantees acceptance into the health plan regardless of your health. It is HIPPA compliant and with prior coverage, there are no pre-existing limitations. This type of insurance pays up front, but has a limit on what will be paid on each procedure. It has no deductible.

seniors-playing-cardsAt Schulze Insurance we specialize in those who are over 65 and on Medicare, but realize that there is often a gap in coverage between their previous health insurance and reaching Medicare. Sometimes, it is a spouse who is a few years younger and needs coverage to hold them over until they are Medicare eligible. For those situations, we offer three different alternatives and suggest the appropriate one after discussing their individual situation with the client.  We try to find the best solution for the most reasonable price.