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Nursing Home


nursing-home-visit-with-docA convalescent care plan is designed to provide valuable nursing facility benefits and optional home health care benefits for short term stays. It costs much less than traditional nursing home insurance and can be a great option for those wanting to protect themselves from the high cost of a nursing facility.

senior-physical-therapyAt Schulze Insurance, we offer various nursing home plans to protect our clients should they enter a nursing facility. Many people believe that Medicare and a Medicare Supplement will completely cover a nursing home stay.  This is only true if the care required is deemed skilled care and then the benefit only lasts 100 days. Custodial care, which is more frequently the type of stay at nursing homes, is not covered.  Nursing home stays are very costly and can exhaust a person’s savings and estate in a short amount of time. With a nursing home policy, our clients protect their assets and also receive the comfort knowing that their loved ones will not be responsible for their care. Please call Bob, Ron, Janelle, or James for more information on a convalescent care policy designed to fit your needs if you should ever need the care of a nursing home.